Lapis lazuli bracelet

Sensual lapis lazuli beaded bracelet in dark blue tones. This bracelet will inspire you.

Length: Adjustable

Lapis Lazuli - Dark blue healing stone with great meaning

The name lapis lazuli is composed of the Latin terms "lapis" for "stone" and "lazulum" for "blue". The mineral mixture, which occurs in blue of varying intensity, is opaque and has a matt sheen. Specimens with golden speckles are particularly popular. Lapis is of great importance as a decorative and healing stone and as a pigment in painting.

Formation and origin of lapis lazuli
Lapis lazuli is a blue mineral compound and consists mainly of the minerals lazurite, calcite and pyrite. It is believed to be formed by the transformation (metamorphism) of limestone into marble and that the golden luster is due to the pyrite component. The coveted gemstone has been mined in various places around the world since ancient times. The largest deposits were found in Afghanistan, where the stone plays a significant economic role. Other localities of lapis are in Chile, Russia, California, Canada and Pakistan.

The history of the bluestone
Many important rulers in history have appreciated the special qualities of lapis lazuli. As early as the third millennium BC, the stone was considered a coveted commodity. The ancient Egyptians used the gemstone as a precious burial object for their dead pharaohs. For example, Tutankhamun's death mask was decorated with lapis lazuli. The stone was considered sacred, it was said to have divine power, infinite life and security. Cleopatra and Napoleon also saw lapis lazuli as a protective stone and carried it with them all the time. The Indians revered the blue stone as a "heavenly stone". He stood as a symbol for peace, love and wisdom. Because of its intense blue color, lapis lazuli also plays a role in art. The pigment has always been used by painters and restorers, although it is a very expensive material.

Properties of Lapis Lazuli
The blue gem is said to have intense healing powers. In the field of meditation, for example, it is considered to bring light, which leads to being able to look deeper into people and to discover their true "I". Since it is said to have the power to enlighten people, it should be easier for them to admit their own mistakes and free themselves from them. Negative experiences should be left behind with its help. In love and friendship it serves as a valuable companion, it should serve as a support to strengthen your own self-confidence. As a symbol of beauty and an appearance that resembles the starry sky, divine power is attributed to it.